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April Camp NaNoWriMo​ + Future Writing​ Plans ft. A Snippet from my WIP!

Hey everyone! I participated in Camp NaNoWriMo this month and this is me telling you all about it. Also, I have a very good feeling about this WIP and I plan to finish it this year so here I am discussing my future writing plans with you too!

MY GOAL: 25,000 words 

WRITTEN: 13,000 words

So I did not really finish my target this time but I am very happy with all the writing I did as I had a lot of other things going on this month as well – my exams, OWLs Readathon, etc.

I finished about 28 pages on Word and while my novel is just 1/4th done, I have a much clearer picture of where I want to go next and how I should actually do it. Now, I can work faster and get it done.


  1. I didn’t really know what scenes needed to be included first or what sort of a timeline this was working on.
  2. Names. That took me a lot of time to figure out since this was a new WIP.


  1. The base of the novel.
  2. I made a chart about how I want things to happen in the future and while it is not fixed, it will surely help me navigate better.
  3. The Writing Mood. It takes time to start writing but now that I know what’s going on and am in the flow, I think it will get easier.


Now, I wanted to share a cute, romantic snippet with all of you!

“It’s nice,” He said as the song ended and he pulled up in front of my building.

“So, this is it then?” He asked, turning towards me.

“This is it.” I replied, as if telling it to myself more than him.

His gaze fell to my lips and I bit my lips as he looked at my movement intently.

He leaned forward and I did the same.

Our lips were mere moments from meeting when he softly asked, “Can I kiss you?”

I responded by closing my eyes and just pressing my lips against his.

His eyes fluttered close and responded instantly and I tried to scoot towards him on my car seat so it was more comfortable and my hands entangled themselves in his soft hair.

His hands reached behind me and rested on my lower back as he deepened the kiss.

We drew apart after a few minutes to catch our breath and his eyes never left mine.

His hands moved up to tuck my hair behind my ear and he whispered, “Lets take you inside.”

I nodded, unsure if I would be able to say anything.

Neither of us made any attempt to move and we just kept sitting there and looking into each other’s eyes, hoping this moment would never end.


So, I want to finish the first draft of this WIP this year and also start with revising it and making the second draft.

This is how I plan to do it:

May: Another 13,000 words.

June: 25,000 words.

July: 10,000 words.

August: Wrap it up and put all the loose ends together.

September I will take a break, mainly because I have exams but also because I want to give myself some time before editing.

October, November and December: Do the editing process.

Now, I know this will not work out exactly as I want this too but I sure hope it does and well, I can use the beginning of September to catch up and well, do whatever I couldn’t.


So that is how I plan to finish my WIP and start editing it over the year. 

Do you all write? Are you working on anything? How and by when do you plan to complete your current WIP?


11 thoughts on “April Camp NaNoWriMo​ + Future Writing​ Plans ft. A Snippet from my WIP!

  1. Ohh that snippet is really good ! I’d wanna read that when you’re done.

    Sadly, i’m not a writer.. although I love to write my thoughts and stuff on paper, I just don’t possess the imagination required, or the drive for anything, really 😅

    Liked by 1 person

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