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Thoughts I have​ while cleaning my Bookshelf

Hey everyone! It’s time to do the new meme just launched by the amazing Charvi @Not Just Fiction who is a fellow Indian book blogger. Go check out her post and it some love because it deserves all that and more <3.

So, let’s begin with the very first prompt that launches this amazing, new meme that I cannot wait to continue doing for like, forever!

Todays Prompt:



—> *stares at the bookshelf for 10 mins*

—> *turns into 30*

—> *breathes* okay let’s do this

—> starts taking out all books and putting them on the bed

—> dies taking out books from the top shelf

—>starts organizing book piles on the bed

—>picks them up and starts transferring them to the bookshelf

—> has a big pile fall on feet

—> *freaks because something might happen to the books*

—> *screams because, well, it had to be the hardcovers, right!*

—>blackmails brother into having him help me because I got hurt

—> successfully fills in 2 shelves

—> *snack break*

—> *wonders if I like this setting of the books or want to change it*

—> empties bookshelf once again

—> *brother complains*

—> decides to keep the same setting as always

—> starts placing books on shelves finally!

—> fills in all the shelves and still has books left

—> *grumbles about needing more bookshelves*

—> *complains to mom about getting one more bookshelf*

—> places leftover books in the bottom shelf

—> because where else can I?

—> is proud of self for having cleaned the bookshelf!

—> treats self to ice cream while staring at the newly cleaned bookshelves

(and like Charvi said, well, it would probably not even last a day so I’d better enjoy it while I still can!)


So, what did you think of my thoughts? What thoughts do you have while arranging your bookshelf? How do you arrange your bookshelf?
Tell me in the comments below! 


16 thoughts on “Thoughts I have​ while cleaning my Bookshelf

    1. Haha, I know right! Time never seems to pass during class but while staring at your books, well, it just flies!
      Ah, I get that! I just got a bookshelf last winter… Earlier, I had piled up my books in my cupboard and stuffed all my clothes in various drawers because, well, my books are more important!


  1. Hi!
    I’m so sorry that I am seeing this so late but I love your post! Hehe at least you can blackmail your brother, my sister refuses to be blackmailed too 😝


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