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April Book Haul!

Hey everyone! I finally broke my book buying ban and bought a whole lot of books this month!

A few of them still haven’t arrived yet and well, I ordered a lot of them today since it is World Book Day and there was a huge sale which I just couldn’t resist no matter
how hard I tried to…

Guess I need to take a look at my own post: Guide to Buying Optimal Number of Books and learn something!
Anways, here we go…

Physical books: 9


I have heard a lot about all of these books and am so excited to read them all but if I had to choose one, it would probably be Gilded Wolves by Roshani Chokshi as everyone around me loves it and I just can not wait to discover and love it too!

E-books on my Kindle: 4 

And… I have already read two of these – Ready Player One and Love, Life and the List!

I can not wait to read the other two!

Audiobooks: 4 

And, turns out I have read three of them! All of them except Becoming by Michelle Obama which I plan to start as soon as possible and am extremely excited for!

Total: 17! 

Ah, I kind of feel guilty now but well, who cares? I got a lot of pretty amazing books!

Have you read any of these books? How did you like them? Any books that you recently bought? Tell me in the comments below! 



Hey! I am Jayati and this is my blog where I post stuff about anything and everything I like, but mainly books. I also post short stories that I write sometimes.

26 thoughts on “April Book Haul!

  1. Wow that’s a huge haul and some very pretty amazing books… I hope you have fun reading them all 😊😊😊
    I’m currently listening to Becoming too and the audiobook is definitely amazing…

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  2. Wow, this is an amazing haul! I’ve read The Hate U Give, Becoming & Gemina and liked all three books. Becoming is so inspiring, Gemina is amazing and THUG is such an important read and I honestly took my time reading this book because I loved it so much! And I’m having On the Come Up, Two can keep a secret & Ready Player One on my bookshelf as well. 🙂

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    1. Thanks!
      Ah, that’s really good to know! Now, I’m very excited for all of them and well, just rushes to read them.
      In the meantime, i have read Ready Player One and it was AMAZING! I hope you read it soon and love it! xx

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  3. AAH girl the kindle ones I read 3/4 of. Love life and the list was such a fun read. Lying Out Loud was really good at some points but it was a little surface level. Love and Gelato is SO good tho – you’ll love it! ❤

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    1. Ah, that’s so good to know! I am so excited for them now
      *rushes to read them*
      *also rushes to see your blog because I think WP has unfollowed you for me since I haven’t seen any of your posts in a LONG time!*


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