Top 5 Tuesday

Top 5 book I predict will be 5-star reads!

Hey everyone! I am back with another Top 5 Tuesday post!

Top 5 Tuesday is a weekly meme that the lovely Shanah @Bionic Bookworm does. If you are interested in doing any of her topics on your blog she welcomes it!

Today’s topic is Top 5 book I predict will be 5-star reads and so I am sharing 5 books on my TBR that I think will be amazing and will prove to be 5-Star reads!

Let’s hope that I am right about them!

Heartless By Marissa Meyers

The Kiss Quotient By Helen Hoang

There’s Something About Sweetie by Sandhya Menon

November 9 by Colleen Hoover

Princess and the Fangirl by Ashley Poston

All these are books I have heard a lot about and am very excited to read! I just hope that they prove to be as good as I have heard!

Moving on, I had one more important thing I had to discuss with you all…


And so, I have decided to do a Q&A Session to celebrate! Please leave any questions you want me to answer in the comments below!


What books do you think will be 5star reads? Have you read the books that I have mentioned? Did you like them? Tell me in the comments below. 




31 thoughts on “Top 5 book I predict will be 5-star reads!

  1. Ooohhhh. I’m so excited for Sweetie. I think it’ll be a 5 star, too!! ❤

    And you know I absolutely loved TKQ, so yes, it’s goooooood! 😍😍😍

    November 9, though, I dunno. I really liked it when I read it when it first came out, but since then, I’ve come to realize that it is problematic in parts, so yeah. But it was an engaging read back then!

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  2. The only one of these that I have read (so far) is November 9 and I am pretty sure that I gave it 5 stars. I remember really loving it! The characters are great, the premise is great, Coho is great….I loved this one.

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  3. I’ve heard awesome things about all of these books (except November 9 which I hadn’t heard of … off to check it out in a bit!) so I also hope you’re right and they’re 5-star reads! 🤞 (I’ve only read The Kiss Quotient but loved it.)

    happy early blogiversary! here’s some questions:
    – If you could give your just-starting-out-blogging self one piece of advice, what would it be?
    – What blog post(s) are you most proud of?
    – Has blogging changed the way you read / think about books?

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    1. Ah, I hope you find November 9 interesting (It appeals to me quite a bit)
      And I hope so too!
      (Btw, I just finished the Kiss Quotient and oh god, it was pure perfection!)

      Thanks! And I can’t wait t answers those questions 🙂

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  4. I have read 2 of these and really enjoyed both. November 9 was really good! And I absolutely adored The Kiss Quotient!! I’m sure that will definitely be a 5-star read for you too! 😍
    And I really hope The Princess and The Fangirl is also amazing, I loved Geekerella – want more of that cuteness!☺️
    Hope you love them all, Jayati!

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  5. Ohhh one year already!! how exciting, eh! xx Congrats !

    I haven’t read any of thoses, but two are on my wanting to read list aswell, the kiss quotient & there’s something about sweetie. Hopefully you’ll be right about them !

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  6. There’s Something About Sweetie is definitely at the top of my list for anticipated releases as well and I’m hoping it will surprise me and be a five-stars. I hardly ever feel this way about romance contemporaries, because even though they’re entertaining, I oftenly need an element *more* to really love it. I’m hoping that this element will be the fat main character, because I will be able to relate a ton with her and I’m excited!
    As for your Q&A, I’d like to know:
    – What’s your favorite location you’ve ever traveled to?
    – Do you have a bookish OTP?

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    1. Ah yes! I hoep you love it and that I do too!
      I think I’m gonna be able to relate with that too, so it should be good!
      (Unless there ends up being lowkey body shaming like so many other times *sigh*)

      And thanks for the questions! 🙂

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