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A Guide to Buying Optimal Number of Books

Hey everyone! It’s April and so, it’s time for BookEnding Spring hosted by Sam @FictionallySam and Clo@BookDragons. You can check out the announcement post over here. I am delighted to be chosen as one of the hosts and this is my second prompt: A Guide To Buying An Optimal Number Of Books.

You all may not know this but I fight with my mom every day about buying new books. She is the one person that is stopping me from buying new books or else I would have enough books that there wouldn’t have space to even enter my room! (that’s how you know you have a problem)

Now, the thing is: I am a teenager and she is the only way I can buy books but some of us are adults who earn money and can spend it on books and can keep increasing their TBR manifold, so, HOW TO STOP YOURSELF FOM BUYING TOO MANY BOOKS?

That is exactly what I will teach you here. It’s hard and very difficult to achieve but I am here to assure you it can be done and I will tell you how.



This is one thing that always stops me from buying books. Your TBR is already so high and if you don’t want it to touch the sky, stop, take a breath and look at it. Honestly, this will help you get a complete sense of what you have. Seeing the big numbers always scared me and tells me that I need to stop buying more book ad maybe it will work for you too?

Right now, I have an immediate Physical TBR kept on my nightstand to remind me of how many books I have not read and how many more are lying on my bookshelf as an attempt to discourage me from buying new books.

Another thing adjacent to this is a TBR cart to keep all the book on your TBR so you can make it a goal to not buy so many books that they can’t fit in there and well, there’s a motivation to read more books and keep your TBR under control.


Once you take a look at your TBR, you realise that your tastes have changed and there are so many books you don’t want to read anymore! So, set them in a different pile so you can decide what to do with them separately. This effectively reduces your TBR so you don’t feel as bad about buying new books when you do!

(I’d suggest donating it to the library or charity or selling it online)


This is the most effective thing I have done so far. I have my mom give me a set amount of money to buy books every month and I can do anything want with that money. Having a set budget makes you realise prices and crave sales. So, right now, I have not ‘bought’ any books in 2019 except those I have been gifted since I am saving for a huge sale so I can buy a bulk of books!
I know that buying a bulk won’t help but hey, I haven’t bought anything in 3 months so that counts as a win! Plus, it also gives me time to actually tackle and reduce my tar so that when I do buy new books, I won’t be all that overwhelmed by them!


I have also seen that once you actually start reading books on your TBR, you read more and more of them and diminish it. You feel more motivated to read the books you already have because you are liking them. This consequently helps you stay away from buying new things!


Honestly, the single thing that gives me the most motivation not to buy more books is that every month I don’t buy books, I get 1 and a half times the money I usually get – so I can accumulate more money for sales and that is what keeps me going – thinking of that upcoming sale!

A combination of these 5 steps helps me refrain from buying too many new books!

How do you stop yourself from buying new books? What are your tips? Tell me in the comments below! 

-Jayati xx

34 thoughts on “A Guide to Buying Optimal Number of Books

  1. I totally relate to your frustration because I want ALL THE BOOKS, though it sounds like your mom is doing her job in being your voice of reason so you don’t have to! 😜 (I have to do it myself, because my parents are avid readers and enablers. going to Barnes & Noble, aka our last accessible local bookstore, with them is dangerous.)

    my TBR is definitely growing like a virus, and I need to clean it out (when I get around to participating in the Tidyathon part of this month 😅) – but there are definitely tons of titles that I need to just get rid of at this point because I don’t know why I added them and I’m not interested anymore.

    and I absolutely agree, focusing on getting through your existing TBR is a much better use of that bookish energy … and it makes room for more books in the future 😉

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    1. HAha, she is… My mom doesn’t read much but my dad devours books like me so my mom has to stop us both!

      Ah, yeah, that’s an important part of it.
      I just reduced my TBR on goodreads by 30 and I feel so good after doing that but well, every day with more books getting released, it seems to be increasing so not that that made a big effect…

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  2. I probably need to go through my tbr again, luckily I have a good library nearby so all the books on my tbr aren’t necessarily to buy, but you know what? I have no self-control and would buy so many if I could lol, I really like your budgeting idea for books, and I’ll be using some of these tips!

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    1. Ah, It’s good to hear that
      and the library must be a bigger problem for me, I think
      I don’t have any good libraries so I need to buy so my TBR remains restricted but for you it must be infinite!

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  3. Oh, nice steps !
    What I usually do is A) don’t buy books online, B) work and/or be with Alex so no time to drop at library or bookshop so cannot buy books XD C)… for each book I finished I can buy ONE more ! ha… that’s mainly how I get away with not feeling too too guilty of it when I do carve *aherm*

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  4. Seeing as though I don’t necessarily BUY books but use subscription services like Scribd and Overdrive. But even then, I have to limit myself to reading 2-3 books at a time. Because my mind can’t focus on more than that lol.

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  5. I mean I buy about 4 books a month on average, but that’s also because I go to college, in town and there’s a Waterstones there. Previously before I started college, I rarely bought books unless it was online, at my grandmas or it was my birthday/christmas and they were gifts. Now though thanks to college I can just buy this pretty edition here, oh lookie a pretty book I’ve been wanting for ages xD

    My self control is 4 books a month no more unless it’s for a good reason xD Loved this prompt Jayati and thank you so much for being an awesome host!

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    1. Ohh, haha I get what you mean.
      I honestly can buy from bookshelves since there aren’t many good ones here but I am always surfing the net to buy new books so I guess thats worse since you can check out the internet whenever

      And wow, 4 books a month is a good limit!
      And thanks for letting me be a part of BookEnding Spring xx

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  6. I mean… your mom has a point – eventually all the books won’t fit in your room and uh… it’ll take over your house and then you won’t have a place, then your neighborhood… But I definitely relate to your frustration because ugh, I don’t have a shelf and they’re just stuffed in a box. And uh… my mom stops me from buying books as well even though I have financial control. 😂

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    1. That is true but I don’t live at home so I don’t care if my room is overflooded with books and when I go back, I can use the guest room
      Lol, I get what you mean.
      I didn’t have a bookshelf until last year and all my books were stacked inside my closet instead of my clothes which were well, scattered around my room…
      Haha, guess that is what moms do


  7. Ah looking at my TBR is a surefire way to curb my buying sprees. I don’t like having more than 5 unread books at any moment, so my current count is giving me heavy anxiety. I’m hoping I finish them all before I buy more, but who am I kidding?

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