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One Day At A Time: Season 1

Hey, everyone! I have so much to tell you all! So, I just started this TV Show, and oh my god, it is so amazing! I have fallen completely in love with it.

One Day at a time is just so funny! I love the family dynamic and how it all fits together.


Let me begin by telling you what the show is all about – The Alvarez family.


There is Lydia, the Abuelita (grandma), her daughter, Penelope and Penelope’s children – Elena and Alex. There is also Schneider who lives on the floor above them but is always at their apartment and kind of feels like is a part of their family.


I also love the use of Spanish in the show. I can’t speak Spanish myself but I think I am starting to understand a bit of it.

All the characters are so amazing! I love the Abuelita – she is a little crazy but I love how overdramatic she is, it makes me laugh! Oh, and I also love how she accepts Elena’s sexuality quickly.


Elena is such a great character too. She is a social justice warrior and can be pretty eccentric at times but I just love her. She is one of a kind. She will make you go crazy but you’ll still love her at the end of it all.


Penelope is another amazing character that can make you laugh at any given point. She can go on speaking for hours and well, she had pretty interesting things to say so it’s not as if I mind.

Overall, the season deals with Elena’s Quinces and god, I love the craziness about it all! From how Elena agrees to have a Quinces to when the Quinces actually happens. The last episode – the one in which her Quinces actually happens was just so emotional and well, I loved it!

Oh, and if you love TV Shows you should also watch Gilmore Girls. You can see my thoughts on that show here. Also, I shared my thoughts on Jane The Virgin and you can see that here.

So, that’s it for today. Have you watched One Day At A time? What are your thoughts about it? Did you like it?

Peace out cuties ♥

-Jayati xx

13 thoughts on “One Day At A Time: Season 1

  1. I’ve watched this whole show and honestly, I thought it was the most stupid thing ever. Alex was like the only somewhat believable character? Penelope was wayyyy to lowkey in her parenting. She let her kids do stuff and get away with stuff that no sane mother would. Abuelita was way too dramatic, Schneider was way too dumb. Like ikkkkk TV shows always need a dumb character but Schneider was over the top. Elena freaking annoyed the heck outta be. Every single episode was an agenda that was being forced down my throat. I have NOO problem that she’s gay. She was just really passionate about a couple of things and it annoyed me lol. Now, I did like the spanish, but that’s because I’m fluent in spanish so I understood all the jokes.
    Anyway, I did enjoy reading your review 🙂 Sorry for my mini rant – I’m not in anyway trying to shut you down lol. I just get really intense when I rant xD. But I loved reading your opinion 😀 x

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    1. Haha, everyone has different views and it was nice to hear yours.
      Well, personally, I think I liked the show because of all the topics it discussed.
      It humoured them but also took them seriously and well, I think a lot of people are still homophobic and this is an attempt to help society progress…
      It was nice to hear your opinion too! xx

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  2. I’m so glad that you liked the show – it’s one of my favourites! It’s covers so many important topics throughout the seasons and I think it gets even better.

    I hope they manage to find a new home for it 🤞🏻

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  3. Aww I am so glad you loved the first season! This is a show I recently watched because of it getting canceled (#SaveODAT) and I watched all of it in a matter of days. I loved the diversity and representation of the show, particularly how mental illness and stigma surrounding anti-depressants is handled. The show handles very important topics with care and humor, showing both sides while also being progressive in its message. I hope you enjoy seasons 2 & 3!

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    1. Aw, that’s so sad to hear!
      Ah, yes I agree. This show discusses a lot of important topics and conveys a nice message!
      I finished it and really enjoyed the next two seasons too!


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