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First Impressions: The Other Side

Hey everyone! I received an ARC From Netgalley for the Other Side by Sarah Hocut and well, let’s just say that I have just started it but I have so much to say so here we go with another First Impressions post!



I think we should break up.

Those six little words mean the summer after high school is not starting off the way Sadie Wills had planned. When her boyfriend of three years dumps her the day after graduation, she’s suddenly unsure of what the future will hold.

Serving up ice cream at Gigi’s Dairy Bar in downtown Abbyville proves to be a nice distraction. That is until she finds out the old house across the street, which used to be the town’s flower shop, is being torn down to put up an ice cream franchise. Convinced the new store will put Gigi’s out of business, Sadie comes up with a plan. Her newfound summer resolution? Save that house and save Gigi’s.

Complications arise when she meets Eric and serious sparks start flying. The problem? Eric’s dad owns the company responsible for demolishing the old flower shop, and Eric is working for him over the summer. Even though she tells herself not to fall for him – he’s going to help run Gigi’s out of business after all, and besides, it’s too soon after her break-up to even think about giving her heart to someone else – Eric has other plans.

Torn by the arguments between her head and her heart, Sadie becomes very good at running over the summer. Running from her past. Running from her feelings. Running from love.

As the summer wears on, Eric slowly slips more and more into her life, and Sadie eventually realizes that she can’t run forever. But can she risk giving her heart to someone else?


Well, this book seems pretty interesting so far.

I really like the protagonist, Sadie. She overthinks a lot and forms a lot of improbable scenarios in her head and will truly speaking, that is something I tend to do.

Her ex-boyfriend, Paul seems like a d*ck. Sorry for swearing but well, they are no other words to explain my disdain for him. I am so darn glad that he is out of her life and will be able to move onto better things.

Madison, Sadie’s best friend seems like a character I will come to truly love through the book. She is honest and blunt and really cares for her friend. I appreciate that and think that as I get to know more of her, I will love her more and more.

We just meet Eric, the future love interest, and I don’t know much about him yet but he seems nice. He brings Sadie the coffee and banana bread she has been craving and I love how he does that sweet gesture for a total stranger!  I am excited to get to know more about him and fall in love with him!

The entire setting and plot seem cute and just something I need this Spring break! I am really excited to further dive into this book and explore what will happen next!

I think this may end up being a 5-star read or a 4-star one in the least! 

Bye-bye, and I’ll meet you all again soon with much more to tell and talk about this book.

Have you read this book? Did you like it? What were your feelings? Tell me in the comments below! 



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