7 Female Characters that Inspire me #WHMReadingChallenge

Hey everyone! It’s March already. *gasps*

The Women’s History Month Reading Challenge is a reading challenge hosted by  Margaret@WeirdZeal for the entire month of March, aka Women’s History Month. There are two sections of the challenge: the reading section and the blogging section. I am taking part in both!

For the blogging section, on each Monday of March, there is a post prompt for you to take part in if you so desire. For today, the 4th of March, the topic is female characters that inspire you!

There are so many amazing female characters to list, but anyway, off the top of my mind, here we go:

Shirin from A Very Large Expanse of Sea

Shirin is a girl that never backs down. She doesn’t let others dictate what she does.s She can be quite mean at times, but she is unapologetic for all she does and that is what I love most about her. She is a survivor and no matter how hard things get, she gets through them and comes out victorious.

Aelin Ashryver Galathynius from Throne Of Glass

Aelin is another fierce female who refuses to back down from a fight. She will fight for what she thinks right and would also give up her life for her country. She is ready to give her all and try and overcome her worst fears so that she can defeat the evil. I look up to her because of how she is ready to give up everything for the greater good.

Thalia Grace from Percy Jackson and the Olympians 

Thalia Grace, the daughter of Zeus is a loyal girl. She inspires me because she takes a stand against the monsters knowing it would kill her, giving her friends time to escape and find shelter.

Kady Grant from Illuminae Files 

Kady is fearless and would do anything for those that she loves. She goes to a spaceship full of people that are infected with a virus and are dangerous just so that she could save Ezra. She is brilliant and I would be extremely lucky if I could be half as good as her.

Winter from The Lunar Chronicles 

Winter inspires me because of how resilient she is. Not using her ‘gifts‘ kills her – she is in so much pain because of it but she perseveres. She refuses to manipulate others and I love how she is able to do that. No matter how much it hurts her, she puts others in front of herself.

Clary Fray from The Mortal Instruments 

Clary is another extremely strong woman. She is going through so much all throughout the series but somehow, she just gets through it, faces her fears and manages to save the world at the same time!

Feyre from A Court of Thorns and Roses

Feyre Archeron has been hunting to provide food for her family from a very young age. She doesn’t give up on the people she loves no matter how much they hurt her. She inspires me because of her capability to love. She is forgiving and she doesn’t hold grudges. She does everything for her sisters no matter how badly they treat her.

And, that is it for today 🙂 Hope you enjoyed the post!

What female characters inspire you?  Do you agree with the characters I chose? Tell me in the comments below. 

Peace out cuties ♥





22 thoughts on “7 Female Characters that Inspire me #WHMReadingChallenge

  1. Ahhh amazing! I loved reading this post and all these characters that inspire you 😀 I love Thalia so much too, and it’s been years since I read The Mortal Instruments but I remember loving Clary then too! ❤ So glad that you're joining in with this challenge!

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  2. OH YES THALIA GRACE. If I could cry over her, I would because she’s so brave and a role model for demigods. I’d love to have her as a friend because I know she would be loyal as a friend and I know she’s one of the least likely people to betray my trust.

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  3. I love Clary, and she does tend to be stronger in the books, well, so far, I haven’t caught up with the show and the movie was too short to tell one way or the other! But I really love how strong Clary is, she doesn’t believe in not giving it her all and I love her! ❤ I enjoyed your list, it just reminds me though I still need to read ToG lolol

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    1. Haha, yeah, Clary’s a brave woman. I’ve seen the movie but not the Tv shows so I can not say much about those…
      ANyways, yes, ToG, I can not wait for you to read those books – they are amazing!

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  4. Unfortunately I haven’t read many of the books on your list that include these characters but from the Lunar Chronicles, I did absolutely fall in love with Winter. I thought she was such a sweet yet strong character. Really the entire series was full of amazing female characters. I enjoyed it so much. Ironically, Cinder was my least favorite. I think I liked Cress the most. =]

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    1. Ah yes! Winter is one of a kind. She is so brave and I look up to her.
      Oh, I loved Cinder a lot too, actually! Why didn’t ypu like her?
      Oh, yeah, I definitely love Cress a lot! She’s so fierce and powerful in her own way!


      1. Cinder was just ok to me. Compared to the other leads she didn’t stand out too much in my opinion. I thought Iko stole the show, along with all of the other girls. Cinder just wasn’t as unique of a character as I thought she could be.

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  5. Alein, Feyre, Clary aaaah yasssss to all of them. I’d also add in Tessa from The Infernal Devices hehe which you should read if you’ve not already Jayati 😉 I need to read The Lunar Chronicles still so I’m excited to meet all these characters people mention here and there, from the series hehe.

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    1. Oh, I have read TID, Clo
      I love Tessa too! But I didn’t want 2 characters from Cassie’s book, so…
      Oh, you haven’t read the Lunar Chronicles? *gasp*
      You ned to! They are amazing, Clo. You shouldn’t delay another second


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