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Book Series

Hey everyone! It’s time for another bookish discussion with me. I know I haven’t done one in long and I’m sorry about that, but here we go…

Today, I am talking about series, their lengths, the pros, the cons, etc. I’m just having a little discussion about what I like and what I don’t…



What are the maximum books in a series that I can read?
Well, 6. I think trilogies are the best but I can handle up to 6 novels in a book series. Above that, it seems like too much and I just feel like giving up. Especially if there is a lot of background setting to be done. I need action and thrill and I need it now. So, can’t have too many books in the series. It just seems as too much and is overbearing.

Although, there are always exceptions to that like the Throne of Glass series which has a total of 8 books and I love it. And then there is Harry Potter too, with 7 books although I’d say a grand total of 8, including the Cursed Child.


Personally, I don’t really like Duologies because while there are two books and well, they should be better than stand-alone in the regard that we get more time with the characters, it makes me feel as if we are ripped apart just as we start to get close. They just don’t do it for me.


Now, these, I can work with. There is enough time to get to know the characters and you are with them long enough that you don’t get too heartbroken. I mean, of course, there is the thing that you want more but don’t you always? I mean, when does that stop.



You know, there’s that sad feeling when you end a book and have to part with the characters even though you really don’t want to… I like how in book series there is a long way to go before that happens!

You finish the first book,


It makes me happy and well, once you start to like some characters, you really do not feel like leaving them.


In series, you have more time to get to know and understand the dynamics and backgrounds. you can take it all in one by one and you have time to adjust to it all. IT is not just thrown on you in one para but spread out in a comfortable manner.

You can enjoy the background while you get to know more about it! You don’t have to take in too much at once, so you can really enjoy and love it.



Book series tend to have long books with a lot of content that you need time to digest. Mostly, the series are fantasy and honestly speaking, if I had two books with the same number of pages but one was fantasy and the other romance, the romance one would be done in about half the time as the fantasy.

Adding that to the long, many books does make it a tad bit too time-consuming.



Well, when you are reading a series and you need to wait an entire year for the next book to come out while you are left on a cliffhanger?

Not cool, baby. It makes you wanna die. So, well, I really like to wait for the entire series to be published before I start reading because the wait is too unbearable to endure. I’d rather wait to read it than have to wait after reading it and knowing the ckiffhanger and wanting to see what hapens next.

That’s all for today. Those are my views on various aspects of books series. Did you agree with me? Tell me in the comments below. What do you think are the maximum books a series should have? I’d be waiting to hear from you! 

 Peace out cuties ❤




Hey! I am Jayati and this is my blog where I post stuff about anything and everything I like, but mainly books. I also post short stories that I write sometimes.

27 thoughts on “Book Series

  1. I think as well. I can handle a maximum of 5 (hp is a exception) . But still series are better in my opinion we get to spend more time with the characters , get familiar with the writing .. its a comfy feel. And i don’t do good with duologies and i share the same feeling with you. A trilogy – 5 book series is better❤. Awesome post Jayati!!

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  2. Duologies doesn’t always work for me because most of the time, it just feels that you can actually have it as one book. It’s just like dividing a stand-alone and adding more unnecessary little details to it. I love reading series every now and then. The longest one that I have read is Harry Potter + The Cursed Child. And I so agree that waiting for the next book/s is a cons for book series. Waiting sucks, haha! Awesome post! 🙂

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    1. Yeah, I agree. Instead of making it two books, make it one thick book. Unless, it is about two different characters… (and then, I fell that you should call the second one a spin off and not make it a duology)
      AH! Same, HP is the longest one ever.
      Hahaha, being patient is a virtue I do not have.

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  3. I like duologies more than trilogies, but just because I’ve read so many trilogies that have these.. quiet moments. That could’ve been cut but never were because hey, it’s a trilogy. But it might also be because I don’t really get thát attached to characters, so I’m fine with leaving a bunch of characters and falling in love with new ones.

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    1. Oh, wow, I mean, I get attached to characters like
      1, 2 ,3 boom!
      I hate leaving characters behind but well, lucky you! I get what you mean but from my perspective, I don’t care how boring some moments get as long as overall I’m loving the characters and the plot is good.

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      1. Oh no that’s not what I meant, because if the plot is good, it’s usually not boring. I’ve just read so many longer series which lose the plot completely because there’s all this filler content

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  4. I tend to like books that can standalone as the first in the series and I decide where to go from there. The Wheel of Time is a monster of a series, but you technically could read the first book on its own as a self-contained adventure.

    I tend to prefer standalone books, but I’m with you on the trilogies. If the first book is good, a trilogy is just the perfect amount of book.

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  5. I love a good series! Once I like a setting or character, I want to spend more and more time with them. P.s. I didn’t even know that duologys were a thing until Six if Crows. Seems a strange number if books but hey… It worked for that one.

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  6. I love book series as well. Especially if it is a book I really like and feel like the characters need more development. I have read the Game of Thrones books (5 so far) and am looking forward to the others if R.R. Martin ever decides to finish the series. Brilliantly written and wroth them being more than a trilogy. Same with Harry Potter. But, yes, I agree that trilogies are the best – get the job done.

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  7. As a fantasy fan, series are unavoidable, but I’m still intimidated by long ones and I think my limit is even lower than yours – 4, maaaaybe 5 if they’re shorter before “oh god I have to read all this?” dread sets in. More because of commitment than anything else, I hate leaving things unfinished (*eyes the mountain of unfinished series*) and I’m worried about how will author handle the middle of things, that there will be padding, why do they need to tell a story in so many books…hell, even most trilogies suffer from varying degrees of middle book syndrome. If a series is made out of largely self-contained books (Craft Sequence, Discworld, or Realm of the Elderlings which is split into trilogies) I’m less hesitant.

    There are a few big series I poked into, I finished The Malazan Book of the Fallen in 2015 (got the first book for Christmas in 2014…otherwise I wouldn’t have started it at all…), currently slooowly making my way through Stormlight Archive but 1-3 books is best.

    And I’m very glad not all authors do cliffhangers. Hate that shit.

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    1. I know, fantasy needs world building and usually, one book never suffices but seeing that huge stack of books is so intimidating!
      Like, Game of Thrones and The Lord Of Rings, I just haven’t picked them up cause I’m intimidated.
      It’s the same with me – I usually avoid long series unless I am gifted a book from that series and then, I divulge in to see what they are all about…

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      1. It really is. And yeah, it’s the same for big fat books too. Some of my absolute favourites are bricks, but I’m still all “welp this is gonna feel like it’s not going anywhere isn’t it” before I dive into a new one.

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  8. WE DO NOT SPEAK OF CURSED CHILD. THERE ARE ONLY 7 HARRY POTTER BOOKS. *ahem* thank you for coming to my Ted Talk. 😜

    I actually like duologies more than trilogies, at least in theory – of course 3 is a magical and historical number, but some series just don’t feel like they have enough material to fill three books so at least one book just ends up being dragged out and disappointing. but from the perspective of connecting with the characters, I do agree – if they’re written well, I love getting to spend three or more books getting to know them and their world! so I guess it ultimately comes down to how well the author does their job 😅

    all that said, I’ve been keeping an eye out for standalones because my TBR is long enough without getting hooked on more series. (it’s probably part of why I’ve stopped keeping up with Cassie Clare – I just don’t have the time or energy to keep up with all the short stories and new Shadowhunters series!) I have a Goodreads shelf just for the next book in a series that I need to read, which also helps me not forget about them while waiting for release date, but well. it’s an endless task.

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    1. I completely agree! There are 7 HP books + 1 extra book but not really (it’s a fake).
      Ah, I agree. I think it all depends on the author in the end and well written trilogies are few but sometimes combining them and reducing them to a duology may be the right thing to do.
      Also agreed, shifting focus to standalones is something I have been unconsciously doing myself too. I try and keep up with Cassandra Clare but rereading before new books and all those little lines that mean so much, ah, it’s a pain.
      Also with me spending so much of my time on reading it’s better if I dead standalones than commit myself to entire series unless I have already bought them

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