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Getting out of Reading Slumps

Hey everyone! I haven’t had any discussions up here in quite a while, so I thought what is the most common thing that we wish to avoid? Reading Slumps!

Hence, here I am sharing some tips and tricks to avoid reading slumps.


The first step to getting over a reading slump is to identify the reason you are in it. I have seen that it is usually either of these two reasons:



This happens when you finish an extremely good book and when you start another book after it, you unreasonably compare them and the second book is unable to match up. (Basically, what happens to me most of the time)



This happens when you start a few books are unable to get interested in them in the first few pages and you give up. When this happens twice or thrice in a row, you end up in a reading slump!





D. Other hobbies/ activities

Now, here’s a WARNING: Do not go over to Netflix and waste your time. Nope, you will not be able to come back. 

So, what should really be part 2?
Here we go:


A. Reread your Favourites

According to me, this is the best solution to get over reading slumps. It is a confirmed, tried and tested solution in which you can never go wrong! So, go on, pick up a book you loved and let the reading slump end.

B. Read a book your friends love

Usually, we like books that are liked by others who have the same taste as us, so go find someone who likes to read the same type of books as us what they recommend and bam! You have something to read. 99% of the times, this won’t disappoint.



BAM! It is like the reading slump never existed. There you go 🙂

That’s all for today. Those are my tips on how to get out of a reading slump. Did you like them? Tell me in the comments below. What do you do when you are in a reading slump? I’d be waiting to hear from you! 

 Peace out cuties ❤






Hey! I am Jayati and this is my blog where I post stuff about anything and everything I like, but mainly books. I also post short stories that I write sometimes.

22 thoughts on “Getting out of Reading Slumps

  1. Good post!

    If it’s the “this book is too good and nothing else will compare” kind, I usually have to reread the book to get it unstuck from my head. Discuss it, yell about it, look for fanart, just get the fangirliness out of my system. Though the worst one was when I found my favourite book…and had nobody to talk to initially cause it was really unknown.

    If it’s the classic “why can’t I get into anything” slump…yeah. Usually no idea what to do except wait it out.

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    1. Thank you!
      And yeah! Your reaction to the first type is pretty similar to my own- I go to pinterest and sit there all day long looking at memes, fanarts and AUs.
      And what’s your fav book?

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      1. Yup. Pinterest, tumblr, bugging friends who have read it, pretty much everywhere I can find anything on it.

        It’s The Gray House by Mariam Petrosyan! Wrote my thoughts about it here. Weird af book, but wrecked me for a month.

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  2. The “Why is no book interesting” kind happens to me quite often. I usually just end up binge reading a lot of smutty novellas (since I never really expect much from those kinds of books) until I either find a new book that looks interesting or remember an old book that I liked.

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  3. I love this post, especially identifying the reason because no two slumps are the same! Sometimes it is a book hangover and others it’s just you need to do other things for a bit. More often than not it’s “why is nothing interesting” kind of slump for me, and I have learned to just devote time to my other hobbies (painting, video games) until I want to read again.

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  4. I agree! I always reread favourites when I get the dreaded reading slump. It really does help most of the time.

    Another thing I do is, after a few days without reading anything, to change to format I’m reading in. Meaning I switch to either ebooks or, most likely, audiobooks. This help me a lot too. Also, I tend to listen to books I wouldn’t necessarily buy as a physical book. For example: contemporary. I’m a fantasy reader but I’ve listen to a few contemporaries and I actually enjoy reading them in that format.

    Another thing I do sometimes is turn to fanfictions. Although this one is a little dangerous because it can be difficult to leave that hole again 😀

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    1. I agree! Once I start to read fanfictions, it seems there is no where to go but down and down and down and well, it becomes too hard to get out though switching up the genres is a very effective thing.

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  5. I agree – going to a friend and asking for a book they loved does usually help! Gets me back on track if I have read several bad ones in a row. I do sometimes take a day or two off just to do something else figuring maybe I am getting to cynical about why I read!

    I started my reading challenges because of a reading slump, and that did help me from “slumping” too often.

    PS – I love Drunk History (from your clip above!) That show is so funny.

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