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Kingdom of Ash

“Once upon a time, in a land long since burned to ash, there lived a young princess who loved her kingdom …”




Years in the making, Sarah J. Maas’s #1 New York Times bestselling Throne of Glass series draws to an epic, unforgettable conclusion. Aelin Galathynius’s journey from slave to king’s assassin to the queen of a once-great kingdom reaches its heart-rending finale as war erupts across her world. . .

Aelin has risked everything to save her people―but at a tremendous cost. Locked within an iron coffin by the Queen of the Fae, Aelin must draw upon her fiery will as she endures months of torture. Aware that yielding to Maeve will doom those she loves keeps her from breaking, though her resolve begins to unravel with each passing day…

With Aelin captured, Aedion and Lysandra remain the last line of defense to protect Terrasen from utter destruction. Yet they soon realize that the many allies they’ve gathered to battle Erawan’s hordes might not be enough to save them. Scattered across the continent and racing against time, Chaol, Manon, and Dorian are forced to forge their own paths to meet their fates. Hanging in the balance is any hope of salvation―and a better world.

And across the sea, his companions unwavering beside him, Rowan hunts to find his captured wife and queen―before she is lost to him forever.

As the threads of fate weave together at last, all must fight, if they are to have a chance at a future. Some bonds will grow even deeper, while others will be severed forever in the explosive final chapter of the Throne of Glass series.


Oh, my gods! 

This book was perfect but so so sad. I mean, I don’t know what to do with my life now that this book is over and done with. I can not believe that this is the end of the Throne of Glass series. there’s no more Aelin and Rowan and Dorian and Chaol and Manon and Aedion and The Cadre and Maeve and Erawan and Darrow and Galan and Ansel and Hassar and Sartaq and Nesryn and Yrene and Hafiza and well, I can go on forever…

Let us begin with the Spoiler free part:

Okay, so this book was absolute perfection. I was so worried that it wouldn’t be satisfying enough and that most pages would be just battle and a lot of people would not be given much thought about, but nope! Sarah J Maas wrapped everything up perfectly. With Elide and Lorcan to even Manon and the Thirteen. We had time with all the characters to get closure and when the book was finally over, I was sad, yes but also complete in some ways.

I loved the writing and how the scenes jumped from one place to the other. We got to see all parts and phases and the line-up was perfect as well. We had enough time in each place but also not too much. It worried us but not so much that it drove me insane(though it kinda did).

Overall, this book was lovely but there’s nothing to discuss if you haven’t read it so, on to the Spoiler-filled part! 


“But Aelin, crowned and glowing, only said, “Walk with me.” She gestured to the gates behind her. “All of you.” This day did not belong to her alone. Not at all. And when they all balked, Aelin walked forward. Took Yrene Westfall by the hand to guide her to the front. Then Manon Blackbeak. Elide Lochan. Lysandra. Evangeline. Nesryn Faliq. Borte and Hasar and Ansel of Briarcliff. All the women who had fought by her side, or from afar. Who had bled and sacrificed and never given up hope that this day might come. “Walk with me,” Aelin said to them, the men and males falling into step behind. “My friends.” The bells still ringing, Aelin nodded to the guards at the castle gates. They opened at last, and the roar from the gathered crowds was loud enough to rattle the stars.”

First off, we have Aelin who is also Celaena Sardothien and well, do I even need to explain?

Next, there is Manon and again, no explanation needed. Then we have Elide who may not have magical powers or may not be good at fighting but god does she know how to put Lorcan in his place!

Dorian. Okay, so I love him. I mean, we went to Morath and survived it. He is so darn powerful and can shapeshift as well! He tricked Maeve and was an accomplice in the death of Erawan. I love how he was ready to sacrifice himself and help Aelin forge the lock.

Then, there was the scene with his father and how he lost his name. I think that moment when the King of Adarlan took Dorian’s place in forging the lock redeemed him.

And, then Dorian and Manon. Oh, god, were they one of a kind. I love how they understood each other and I hope they get their happily ever after too!

“You could just marry each other,” Yrene said, and Dorian whipped his head to her, incredulous. “It’d make it easier for you both, so you don’t need to pretend.” Chaol gaped at his wife. Yrene shrugged. “And be a strong alliance for our two kingdoms.” Dorian knew his face was red when he turned to Manon, apologies and denials on his lips. But Manon smirked at Yrene, her silver-white hair lifting in the breeze, as if reaching for the united people who would soon soar westward. That smirk softened as she mounted Abraxos and gathered up the reins. “We’ll see,” was all Manon Blackbeak, High Queen of the Crochans and Ironteeth, said before she and her wyvern leaped into the skies. Chaol and Yrene began bickering, laughing as they did, but Dorian strode to the edge of the aerie. Watched that white-haired rider and the wyvern with silver wings become distant as they sailed toward the horizon. Dorian smiled. And found himself, for the first time in a while, looking forward to tomorrow.”

Manon. A Crochan and an Ironteeth, Manon is one of a kind. She grew so much over the course of this book and was able to win over the Crochans. The scene when she arrives in Orynth and says that she would fight as the aerial legion of the Terrassen was literally my favourite!

“We came,” Manon said, loud enough that all on the city walls could hear, “to honor a promise made to Aelin Galathynius. To fight for what she promised us.”
Darrow said quietly, “And what was that?”
Manon smiled then. “A better world.”

Also, there is the fact that she loves Dorian. She is ready to marry him if it keeps him from going to Morath. That is true sacrifice and true love.

Let’s move on to The Thirteen who died for Manon and Terrasen. Oh, god, I cried so much the moment I realised what they were going to do. They were all like a family to Manon and how they flew off to protect her and to hope that one day there would be a better world. I hated yet loved how they sacrificed themselves.

“And it was not darkness, but light—light, bright and pure as the sun on snow, that erupted from Asterin.
Light, as Asterin made the Yielding.
As the Thirteen, their broken bodies scattered around the tower in a near-circle, made the Yielding as well.
Light. They all burned with it. Radiated it.
Light that flowed from their souls, their fierce hearts as they gave themselves over to that power. Became incandescent with it.”

Oh, god, that scene almost killed me.

Before them all, riding on the Lord of the North, was Aelin.

Aelin Ashryver Galathynius. She definitely is a force to be reckoned with. She survived a lot and still came out on top. She was captured and tortured by Maeve but she did not yield. She is the bravest person I know and have read about.

She survived through everything – Maeve’s torture, forging the lock, killing Maeve. She went through it all and I am so glad that now she gets to rule Terrassen and have a 1000 years or so with Rowan! Plus, she had so many tricks up her sleeve throughout the series which helped save everyone. God, she is a mastermind!

Rowan Whitethorn Galathynius. I love him! Can I have him for myself? I love how he loves Aelin and is ready to wait for her and to be patient. I love how he always stands by her and aids her in everything. He’s perfect!

Then, we have the rest of the cadre.

We have Gavriel, whose death broke me.

“Gavriel smiled at him. “Close the gate, Aedion,” was all his father said. And then Gavriel stepped beyond the gates. That golden shield spreading thin.”

Then, there is Fenrys Moonbeam whom I fell in love with through the course of the book.

Lastly, we have Lorcan Salvaterre or should I say Lord Lorcan Lochan. Oh, god! I totally and completely love this guy.

“I love you,” he whispered in Elide’s ear. “I have loved you from the moment you picked up that axe to slay the ilken.” Her tears flowed past him in the wind. “And I will be with you …” His voice broke, but he made himself say the words, the truth in his heart. “I will be with you”

Next, we have Elide Lochan who is no less. She survived Morath and also devised the plan to kill Erawan. She is one of the best characters in the book.

Then we have all the Khagan’s children who are amazing! I love how they came to help and how they stayed till the very end.

Lastly, we have Chaol and Yrene Westfall. Their relationship was crazy and with Yrene pregnant, it all got crazier.

Half the time I was worried Chaol would die and then Yrene would die and their child would also die. The other half, I was worried that Yrene would have a miscarriage due to all the work she did.

I love the reunion between Chaol and Dorian. It showed exactly how much the two friends loved each other and touched my heart so much.

Overall, this book was perfection.

Anyways, what did you all think of my post? Have you all read this book? What did you people think about it? Tell me in the comments below. Will be waiting to hear from you all, it means a lot to me.

Peace out cuties ♥

-Jayati xx



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