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January Wrap-Up

Hey everyone! January is almost over and I’ve decided to start doing monthly wrap-ups since they will help me summarise my entire month and also keep a track of everything I did through it!

Oh, and before I say anything- I HAVE 250+ FOLLOWERS ON MY BLOG!!!!!

Thank you so much- to everyone who is here and reads my posts. You al mean a lot to me. Your likes and comments make my entire day. I love you all.


I’m in the last year of high school now! Yay! That does mean a lot of studies and responsibilities but also, I’m the seniormost and can boss others around! I also gave farewell to my seniors earlier this month, which was a lot of fun! Other than that, much hasn’t happened- school just started and I have been really busy with it!

I also made a Bullet Journal for this year! You can go check that out over here.


  • Fangirl: 5 stars || I love this book and the reread surely did not disappoint me. I don’t think I can ever get tired of this book.
  • Kingdom of Ash: 5 stars || Ah, the perfect ending to a wonderful series. I just hate the fact that there will be no more books set in Erilea.
  • Geekerella: 5 stars ||One of the cutest romances I’ve ever read!! I can’t wait for The Princess And The Fangirl
  • Dumplin‘: 3 stars || This one was interesting for the most part but it did also disappoint me in quite a few ways. :/
  • Othello: 3 stars || This wasn’t too great but well, you can’t love every book, right?
  • One Of Us Is Lying: 4 stars || Ahh, I can’t wait for another book by Karen McManus!! I loved this and well, I need more!

Average days per book: 5.16 days 

Total pages: 2833
Average Pages per day: 91.38


I started the year by discussing my goals for the year which you can see here.

I also discussed my most anticipated book releases for this year!

Getting out of a Reading Slump: I discussed Reading Slumps and gave some tips to get out of them!

I shared my first experience with an audiobook and its pros and cons which you can check out over here.

I also discussed one of my favourite TV shows, Jane the Virgin! 

My Reviews: 5

Well, that is a decent amount of reviews! I hope I am able to keep that up for the rest of the year.

  1. One Of Us Is Lying
  2. Othello
  3. Fangirl
  4. Tower of Dawn
  5. Kingdom of Ash


Two Truths and One Lie Tag 

The Television Tag


Favorite Quotes:

Kingdom of Ash 

One of us is Lying

Memes: Jefasdfghjklthday! copy

Top 5 Books I need to read in 2019

Top 5 Reasons I love Reading

Top 5 books that need to be a movie

TOTAL POSTS FOR THE MONTH: 21 (Including this one!)

Reading Challenges Status

  • Goodreads Reading Challenge: 6/50 (12%)
  • PopSugar Reading Challenge: 3/40 (7.5%)
  • Classics Reading Challenge: 2/50 (4%)


Favourite Posts of the Month Around the Blogosphere!

Let’s Get Real: Backbiting by Bayance is one of the best posts I have read this month. It talks about something that happens in our daily life and well, it spoke to me in a different way altogether.

Book Photography Tips by Heidi is a very informative post that I found really helpful! I hope it can help you all too.

In the post, The Benefits Of Rereading, Beth talks about something so common for all our readers and expresses it all in a very lovely way!

The Struggle of being a Reader by Sam is a wonderful list filled by GIFs that make you laugh and are, well extremely relatable!

That is all for this month! Hope you liked it. Share how your month was in the comments below.

Peace out cuties ♥

-Jayati xx


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Favourite Quotes: One of Us Is Lying

Hey everyone! It’s time for another Favourite Quotes post! I recently read ‘One of Us Is Lying’ and fell absolutely in love with it. You can go read my review of One of Us Is Lying over here.

Anyways, moving on, I decided to make a post of all the quotes from ‘One of Us Is Lying ‘ that I liked. 🙂


“I stand and hold out my hand. She gives me a sceptical look, but takes it and lets me pull her to her feet. I put my other hand in the air. ‘Bronwyn Rojas, I solemnly swear not to murder you today or at any point in the future. Deal?’
‘You’re ridiculous,’ she mutters, going even redder.
‘It concerns me you’re avoiding a promise not to murder me.”

“Unless one of us is lying. Which is always a possibility.”

“She’s a princess and you’re a jock,” he says. He thrusts his chin toward Bronwyn, then at Nate. “And you’re a brain. And you’re a criminal. You’re all walking teen-movie stereotypes.”

“I have to figure out a way to live with that, and it won’t be by not forgiving other people’s mistakes.”

“Bronwyn: Well, I’d like to try. I f you want to. Not because we’re thrown together in this weird situation and I think you’re hot, although I do. But because you’re smart, and funny, and you do the right thing more often than you give yourself credit for. I like your horrible taste in movies and the way you never sugarcoat anything and the fact that you have an actual lizard. I’d be proud to be your girlfriend, even in a nonofficial capacity while we’re, you know, being investigated for murder. Plus, I can’t go more than a few minutes without wanting to kiss you, so – there’s that.
Nate: You’re doing better than me. I never stop thinking about kissing you.”

“No matter how awful the rest of my life is, my hair still manages to look good.”

“You find out who your real friends are when stuff like this happens. Turns out I didn’t have any, but I’m glad Cooper does.”

“Things’ll get worse before they get better”

“I wish he’d listen because if anyone knows how badly you can screw up your life when you decide you’re not good enough, it’s me.”

“I guess we’re almost friends now, or as friendly as you can get when you’re not one hundred per cent sure the other person isn’t framing you for murder.”


Anyways, what did you all think of my post? Have you read One of Us Is Lying? Do you plan to in the future? Tell me in the comments below. Will be waiting to hear from you all, it means a lot to me.

Peace out cuties ♥

-Jayati xx


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Hey everyone! I had joined the Classics club so I decided to take some action and read Othello by William Shakespeare. Sadly, it wasn’t that great.



In Othello, Shakespeare creates a powerful drama of a marriage that begins with fascination (between the exotic Moor Othello and the Venetian lady Desdemona), with elopement, and with intense mutual devotion and that ends precipitately with jealous rage and violent deaths.
He sets this story in the romantic world of the Mediterranean, moving the action from Venice to the island of Cyprus and giving it an even more exotic colouring with stories of Othello’s African past. Shakespeare builds so many differences into his hero and heroine—differences of race, of age, of cultural background—that one should not, perhaps, be surprised that the marriage ends disastrously.
But most people who see or read the play feel that the love that the play presents between Othello and Desdemona is so strong that it would have overcome all these differences were it not for the words and actions of Othello’s standard-bearer, Iago, who hates Othello and sets out to destroy him by destroying his love for Desdemona.
As Othello succumbs to Iago’s insinuations that Desdemona is unfaithful, fascination—which dominates the early acts of the play—turns to horror, especially for the audience. We are confronted by spectacles of a generous and trusting Othello in the grip of Iago’s schemes; of an innocent Desdemona, who has given herself up entirely to her love for Othello only to be subjected to his horrifying verbal and physical assaults, the outcome of Othello’s mistaken convictions about her faithlessness.


This book was interesting, to say the least.

Written by William Shakespeare, this book is one of the most famous and renowned books in the world. I have to say that while the storyline and plot were well-thought, I couldn’t connect with the characters much though that is to be expected when you read 4-century old books.

Iago was the most interesting character and I would love to know more about him! I think that if we had received more insight into his character then the book would have been more interesting.

Next, I liked Othello and how William Shakespeare used him a representative to a bigger thing – to represent all black men. It was a bold move in an age which did not accept anything out of the ordinary.

I liked the interchange of stereotypes that Shakespeare showed via Othello and Brabantio and also admired Othello for how he married Desdemona.

On the other hand, the book was long and felt like it dragged on. It was a fun read but very heavy and took a lot of time. I got really bored in the middle and it was no fun after that though I did persevere and finish reading the book.

Overall, it was neither too bad nor too good.

Anyways, what did you all think of my post? Have you all read this book? What did you people think about it? Tell me in the comments below. Will be waiting to hear from you all, it means a lot to me.

Peace out cuties ♥

-Jayati xx


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Jane The Virgin

Hey everyone! I just finished Season 4 of Jane The Virgin and oh, gods, I have so much to say about it! So here I am, to share all my thoughts and views with you all!

First off, let me just say that I absolutely can not wait till 27 March for Season 5!

Now, onto the discussion.


Let’s begin with the show began:
With the accidental artificial insemination of Jane by Luisa with Rafael’s sperm.

Then, we meet Rafael who wants her to keep the baby and give it to him and his wife, Petra.

Through the season we also meet Rogelio who is Jane’s father but wasn’t in the picture until Xiomara saw him on the TV and decided to write to him, telling him all about Jane.

There is also Alba, Jane’s Abuela who is strict but so funny and we come to love her a lot! Lastly, we have Michael who is Jane’s boyfriend who goes on to become her fiancé.

Jane tends to romanticise the world and see it in a good light. Through the show, she goes through many problems and difficulties but she succeeds to overcome them one by one.

She ends up breaking up with Michael to be with Rafael (who had divorced Petra by then), her baby daddy but that doesn’t work out. She has her baby boy, Mateo who is such a cutie!

At only one day old, Mateo gets kidnapped by Sin Rostro who is actually Rose, Rafael’s adoptive (and dead) dad’s wife and also his sister, Luisa’s girlfriend.

Yeah, all this is very complex. But, the good thing is Michael, who works with the police, saves Mateo and gets him back. The sad thing is that Michael thinks that all this is his fault and goes away.

In the meantime, Jane and Rafael end up breaking up and Jane goes back to school to study more writing. Petra, Rafael’s ex-wife thinks Rafael still loves her so she purposefully inseminates herself with Rafael’s sperm so she can have him back but well, that just does not work out.

Then, in comes Michael and wins back Jane! I love how those two just fit together and complete each other. They understand each other very well and are always there for the other. Their relationship is one the best on TV.


Michael proposes to Jane and they have a beautiful wedding but Michael is shot the night of the wedding. Thing’s get better, Michael recovers but then, suddenly, he gets really ill and dies.

Bad things seem to be happening all around as Rafael is caught with some illegal things and ends up going to jail for a few months.

Next, we start when Mateo is three years old. Petra has redecorated the hotel and it seems better than ever! Things are looking up now, but well, that can’t last very long, can it?
So, Jane’s book about her love story with Michael, Snow Falling is published but it does not turn out to be a success. After that, she has no inspiration for writing so when Petra offers for her to ghostwrite her lifestyle book, Jane agrees only that does not work out since Petra becomes involved in a murder investigation.

Jane struggles to find something to write about for a while until she joins a writing class and decides to write about her relationship with her mother. This is around the time Xiomara is diagnosed with breast cancer and she decides to have a single mastectomy to get cancer out of the system. The surgery goes well and she is onto chemotherapy. Alba also pass her citizenship exam and is now a full citizen of the United States!

Things seem to up once again as Petra is off the hook for the murder, things are good between Jane and Rafael (who are back together), Petra is with J.R. (Jane Ramos) who was her lawyer and they are all happy. Rogelio’s show, Passion of Santos is also being remade and River Fields has agreed to be Brenda.

This is where the last episode of the 4th season ends, only leaving us with two cliffhangers that I will not specify here.

I’m dying to know what happens next and I am absolutely in love with this show. Whoever hasn’t watched it yet should go watch it NOW!

Oh, and if you love TV Shows you should also watch Gilmore Girls. You can see my thoughts on that show here.

Peace out cuties ♥

-Jayati xx


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Top 5 Books that need to be made into a Movie

Hey everyone! It’s Tuesday again so I am back again with a Top 5 Tuesday post. Top 5 Tuesday is a weekly meme that the lovely Shanah @Bionic Bookworm does. If you are interested in doing any of her topics on your blog she welcomes it! Today’s topic is the Top 5 Books that need to be made into a MOvie.

There are so many options to choose from, hmmm, this will be hard – SO, let it begin.




CATH and WREN from FANGIRL. They have the best sibling relationship I have ever read. They fight, but they always make up. I love them.

I love this book so need I say anything more?
It is a lovely book with a very interesting plot line that the entire world needs to know about. It would be fantastic to see this on screen and let the characters come off the page and be set into the real life. I bet a lot of people would go to see this.


Lunar Chronicles Collage - Final

This series, again, is one of my favourites. I’d love to be able to see it adapted on screen and well, just see how this different world looks like. I try and imagine it in my head but well, seeing it in front of you is a totally different thing.



Ahh! It would be just so amazing to see this series adapted into a movie series. The characters, the challenges in the first book and all the magic will be wondrous to see in real life!



This book is just, ahh, I have no words to express it! I mean, this book is one of the best I have ever read so it would be just lovely to see it as a movie so well, of course, this will be on my list!



These books by Stephanie Perkins are so cute! I’d love to see the romance come to life and just see how they unravel. These three books never fail to blow my mind away so I’d be more than happy to see their adaptation.

What books would you like to be seen as movie adaptations?  Tell me in the comments below. 

Peace out cuties ♥



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Getting out of Reading Slumps

Hey everyone! I haven’t had any discussions up here in quite a while, so I thought what is the most common thing that we wish to avoid? Reading Slumps!

Hence, here I am sharing some tips and tricks to avoid reading slumps.


The first step to getting over a reading slump is to identify the reason you are in it. I have seen that it is usually either of these two reasons:



This happens when you finish an extremely good book and when you start another book after it, you unreasonably compare them and the second book is unable to match up. (Basically, what happens to me most of the time)



This happens when you start a few books are unable to get interested in them in the first few pages and you give up. When this happens twice or thrice in a row, you end up in a reading slump!





D. Other hobbies/ activities

Now, here’s a WARNING: Do not go over to Netflix and waste your time. Nope, you will not be able to come back. 

So, what should really be part 2?
Here we go:


A. Reread your Favourites

According to me, this is the best solution to get over reading slumps. It is a confirmed, tried and tested solution in which you can never go wrong! So, go on, pick up a book you loved and let the reading slump end.

B. Read a book your friends love

Usually, we like books that are liked by others who have the same taste as us, so go find someone who likes to read the same type of books as us what they recommend and bam! You have something to read. 99% of the times, this won’t disappoint.



BAM! It is like the reading slump never existed. There you go 🙂

That’s all for today. Those are my tips on how to get out of a reading slump. Did you like them? Tell me in the comments below. What do you do when you are in a reading slump? I’d be waiting to hear from you! 

 Peace out cuties ❤