2018: A Wrap-Up

Hey everyone! It is 31st December and the last day of the year. So, this post is to wrap-up everything that happened to me this year! I started this blog this year, so yay! That's why this is a very important thing for me. I am really glad about the progress I made. In a few … Continue reading 2018: A Wrap-Up


Reading Progress

Hey everyone! The year is coming to an end very soon and so, I thought that it would be a good idea to look at my progress through the year and share it with you all! So, I went to Goodreads and poked around for a bit. Here's the result: MY READING GOAL: I have … Continue reading Reading Progress

Hey everyone!

Hey everyone, I don't know if you have noticed but I have not been posting much, or even at all. I have not posted in a month due to stress and exams and NaNoWriMo, which also I could not complete. It has all been really hectic and well, I have been caught up in everything. … Continue reading Hey everyone!