Gilmore Girls

Hey! So I just finished the fabulous TV series, Gilmore Girls and here I am, ranting and raving about it all. Come and join in but beware, there will be spoilers all over and proceed with caution unless you have watched all seven seasons!



There’s so much to discuss and I don’t know where to begin, but let’s see…

RORY! I love love love love love her. She is officially my newest favourite character! When-Your-Boss-Schedules-Morning-Meeting

She is just like me, with an ultimate love for coffee, books and sleeping in late.

She shows an immense amount of growth through the shows and I regret to say that I love the younger Rory a lot more than the older Rory and I guess it is just because younger Rory was a lot more relatable to me. Let’s leave it at this for now and come back to it later cause Rory will sure as hell be mentioned again and again and again.

Moving on, I love Lorelai as well. She is amazing and funny as hell. She never fails to make me laugh but other than that, I also admire her about how she raised Rory. She was 16 and pregnant and she literally had no home but she made it all work out, raised an amazing daughter and now co-owns an inn!

Emily and Richard are hilarious characters in their own way. I love every second they come on, especially whenever there is Lorelai around. See some moments below.

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Paris Geller is another fascinating albeit a little scary character. She is insane and will drive you crazy but you will still love her. She makes the entire show infinitely more entertaining and I wish I could see more of her. She is difficult to deal with and makes all the problems even bigger but there’s no one like her. She overreacts about everything anf makes crazy lists, worse than even Rory!

Her relationship with Rory also goes through so many phases and it is amazing to see how they both end up. They are stuck at Chilton together and hate each other but when Paris is running for President she chooses to have Rory as her vice-President. Then, as they move on they both end up at Yale as dormmates and end up sharing a room! The following years they live with each other (taking a few breaks due to various reasons in the middle) until they graduate from college!

Next, we go on to Lane Kim and her mother, Mrs. Kim. Both of them are wonderful characters whom I love from the very core of my heart. Mrs. Kim is conservative and old-fashioned which is completely opposite to her daughter who loves Rock music and wants to be in a band. I love the fights between them and then how they make up. They are apart for quite a long time but in the end, everything works out and I love it!

And Lane and Zach’s wedding, OMG! The way they had two weddings and how they ran and the reception and everything was crazy. Again, with Lane’s baby shower which ended up happening in Miss Patty’s dance studio and Lane’s twins, aw, I love them.

Moving on to Lorelai’s various boyfriends…

There is Max Medina, whom I love and hoped Lorelai would have married but he surely did not compare to Luke!

Christopher Hayden, whom she did marry and is also Rory’s dad, is someone I really liked but through the series, I realised while I wanted him there in some way he shouldn’t be the one for Lor.

Jason Stiles who is my least favourite of them all, sorry!

Lastly, Luke Danes who is much more than just the guy Lorelai dated or was engaged to. he is a wonderful character and is there all through the series, I hate the parts when he and Lor aren’t talking! I love him for everything he does but I hate how he doesn’t go with Lor and get married to her but he does redeem himself by coming back. Sure, things don’t always work out but I think Lor and Luke are soulmates. They are really good together. Other than that, it is the fact that he is always there for Rory as said by Lor in her character reference for Luke.

Now, let’s see Rory’s boyfriends.

Her first bf is Dean who is fabulous. He loves her and is there for her and is so cute and the perfect first boyfriend!

Next, we have Jess, who is great but not as great as Dean. I don’t love him when he is dating Rory but I like how he keeps in touch even after they break up though barely.

When Rory and Dean date again, I don’t like him too much but he’s there so it is okay.

Then, once we come to Logan, there is no one else! Sure he makes mistakes and angers me and annoys me and I want him to go to hell sometimes but he is there for Rory. He is sweet and caring and he does so much for her which made me sad about how Rory refused to marry him.

Ah, I feel tired after all this so I guess I will stop here though there is still so much more to be said.

Bye for now, see you soon!

Peace out cuties ♥

-Jayati xx


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